stocking ideas for a 65


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Wondering what ya'll think some good fish for a 65G reef would be.

I am thinking...
1x LMB
2x Clowns (I have one already)
1x Dragon Goby

Maybe a mandarin later on

This might be lightly stocked.

Just asking for some suggestions...


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We had trouble with a Lawnmower Blenny because we added him too soon (bad LFS advice). We didn't have enough algae to sustain him. You may want to be prepared feed algae if necessary.

Orchid Dottyback (Fridmani Pseudochromis) is pretty cool. So are tank-bred Banggai Cardinals. They get along with our Percs (mated pair), Blue Reef Chromis, Urchins (Blue Tuxedo and Pincushion), Emerald Crab, and Peppershrimp Shrimp. We plan to get a Green Mandarin as well. 'Don't know about the Dragon Goby.


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Yeah I thought about the cardinal as well. Cool looking fish that just hangs out. The dotty back will be nice as well.

I was thinking about doing a tank with mainly smaller fish. A 65 is just a hair to small for a tang, foxface, something of that nature.

I thought about a royal gramma as well.

How about this stock list

2x clown
1x dragon shifter goby ( pretty much the same thing)
1x royal gramma
1x cardinal
1x mandarin (after 1 year maybe before, the lfs has luck with them eating mysis)

cleaner crew:
6 turbos
6 astrea
2 emerald
1 cleaner shrimp

A clam(later on)
Blastamusa Welsi
Kenya Tree
Elephant Ear shrooms
Frog Spawn
Brain of some sort

125 CSS Skimmer
20L sump
7G fuge (in 20L sump)

What do you think about that tank? Over stocked? I thinking it is by a hair


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I know that fish as a "Banded Goby" and they do a great job of stirring the substrate, so well in fact that anything and I mean anything that is on the floor of your tank will be buried...


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I currently have the following fish in my 65 tall.

Yellow Watchman
Orange Spotted Goby
Sunburst Anthias
Canary Blenny
2x Bangai Cardinals
Green Mandarin

Everyone is peaceful to each other and are doing great as far as I know. The mandarin is fat and happy and there are tons of pods exploding in growth all over the place. The two gobies are so cool, they swim along side each other, they lay right nexty to each other and even rest together side by side at night. I thought the Yellow Watchman would have attacked or bully the Orange Spot but it was friendship at first sight. The only "problem" I can see is the Sunburst Anthias might not be getting enough to eat as the 2 Banggai Cardinals out compete him when the mysis shrimps are flying by. He gets them, just not nearly as much as the Cardinals.

I think the last additions I will add will include

2 Onyx clowns as soon as I can find them...oh and maybe a Solar Wrasse.

In terms of being overstocked, I think I still have some room considering these fish probably poop less combined compared to a single tang. I will also assume that the O2 intake of these little guys is also less of a 3 inch tang of any kind. The only problem I can see in terms of being overstocked is the amount of territory. I think I have a fairly unique aquascape and can provide enough room for them. Not to mention that two gobies share a territory, my canary blenny goes to rest on the hanging attachment of my Seio.

I think if you stock with less aggressive fish, you'll be fine. Oh forgot to add, every single coral I have is showing full polyp extension including my 3 inch Crocea clam.
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My previously stocked tank was,

Powder Blue Tang
Lawnmower Blenny
Diamond Goby and a
Yellow Watchman

I can tell you first hand that the Tang is a terror, the LMB is also a terror to the two gobies if they moved too close to the rockwork and the Diamond Goby would chase my Watchman.

I'm so glad I took all the inhabitants out and went with what I have above in my previous post.

You might want to rethink the LMB, they can get pretty huge and nasty.


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I've had a Lawnmower Blenny for five months. It doesn't bother anyone, just swims around chomping on the rock. He also eats mysis and bloodworms.