Stocking list - which order to add?


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I'm re-starting my 30G tank (heater disaster). The tank is mature with 40lb of LR and a live sand bed. There's some macro algae "planted" and some mushroom corals currently along with 2 hermits crabs and a few snails (some turbo types and some that sand sift). Tank perameters are good - Ammonia & Nitrite Nil and nitrates less than 5ppm (lowest rating on test kit).

I want to stock with an ocellaris clown, sixline wrasse, yellow watchman goby and a royal gramma. The LFS suggested goby, gramma, clown and wrasse in that order. Does this sound ok to everyone else? I will of course go slow and add them over several months


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The order looks pretty good to me. However, six-line wrasses can sometimes can sometimes become very aggressive. A firefish or a blenny might be a better choice.


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Sounds about right, if you do decide to stick with the wrasse, make sure it is the last addition. Packersfan is right, they can be a little nasty.


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I think its all the personality of the fish.I had a sixline that was terrorized by a royal gramma.I think he was a shy guy though rest ive heard can get a little pushy with tank mates.