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Damien Potgiete

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So the tank would be 265 gallons, dimensions being 72(L) 32(W) 28(H). Would this stocking list be appropriate. 1 blue hippo tang, 1 powder blue tang, 1 purple tang, 2 yellow tangs, 1 kole tang, 2 clownfish, 1 lawnmower blenny, 1 mandarin, 1 royal gramma basslet, 1 yellow watchman goby, and maybe a sailfin tang
Is this tank appropriate for my list long term? There is the possibility of rather going with something bigger like a 400 gallon but I would prefer to not go that big as I would have to remove my window to get it in

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Too many tangs, and I wouldn't put a hippo in a tank that size. They need a ton of swim space. The powder blue may also become aggressive in a tank that size if it's full of other tangs getting in its way. I'm not sure about the sailfin, but otherwise your list would be fine.

Have you looked into wrasse? They are fun to watch swimming around the tank and through the rock, and you'd have room for some without those tangs I listed.


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i would go 400 if its in your budget, not just so you can keep a hippo. but if your like most of us we all want a bigger tank 6 months after we set up our tank. i would do same h X w. just make the length 120 if if can fit.
'but for what its worth i have a hippo,yellow,kole in a 3 foot 57 for 18 months now. and i am going to put all 3 in my 265 but tank is 7 feet long. i just dont feel 1 foot is that big of a difference. i feel there are a few different factors that go into fish behavior. plus all fish are different. but yes smaller tank will cause tangs to be more aggressive over time
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Damien Potgiete

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Or maybe if I went with 1 hippo, 1 kole, 1 yellow and 1 powder blue. And then in a few years when I move out I can upgrade, I'm only 14 and I think I may struggle a bit with the price of a 400 gallon