Stocking question - Tusk w/ Clowns???


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Hello Everyone, haven't posted for a while, Currently I have a 125 gallon with a lot of live rock, 1 big Hippo Tang, 1 Lawnmower Blenny, mated pair of Clowns (generally hide in a barnacle). I'm thinking of adding a Harlequin Tusk, I know that, like any big wrasse, it will be fairly active and kill crabs, etc. I'm just wondering if it would mess with the clowns? Any other suggestions for stocking this tank? I'm open to suggestions.
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I have a 5" Tusk with 3 clowns, a pair of Sanjay's that are real small and a big percula, it doesn't mess with any of them.


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no, Beware of crabs, shrimps and inverts. It will eventually will eat them. Its in there nature. You cant train them not, too. From my expiernce, hahaha. It even ate my star fish. A few months back. No, it wont bother your clowns. I have a 120 gallon. with Aus.Tusk, Purple tang, maroon clown, Small snowflake eel, diamond goby, Rock blenny. Have had them all in there for about 6 months, No problems...Going to upgrade the tank though in a few months hopefully. But all is fine. G-luck.


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There's no way to know 100%. It's quite unlikely but you might get a fish eater. I wouldn't say there are guarantees with any sort of fish though, so personally I'd take the chance and just hope you get a nice one.