stocking question


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I have a 75gal FOWLR Everything looks good in it.
Live stock is as follows

3 assorted damsels
1 yellow tang medium sized
1 Niger tirger 3-4" lonng
1 Lunar wrasse 4.5" long
1 Baby clown trigger approx 2" long

I am thining of trying to trap the Damsels and take them to the local LFS. I dont mind them but I do lke the other fish more really.

I love the Clown triger but I know opinions vary on this fish.
I wanted a few opinions on the fish. I hear they can become very aggressive, at its current size it is not aggressive at all.
I also hear it may easly outgrow the current tank, Though I have alos heard they will tend to stay a large enoughsize to suit the surroundings, and not get to large.
Sorry if this is a really rookie wuestion, but I wanted some insights.
Am I ok with current stocking?


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You may or may not have success with your setup. It is not ideal for the fish, but it could work.

Should you keep it like that? That's really a personal choice that you have to make...

All are very nice fish though!

A side question, what are you using for filtration? Triggers and tangs create A LOT of waste.


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Protein skimmer, wet dry filter, though i have been slowly removing bio balls.
I am not 100% sure of skimmer make and model it was in the wet/dry system as part of a package.

When you say it is not ideal for the fish are you talking about too many? or the mix of types? or a bit of bth?\
I know its a personal choice but looking for opinions is all.


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What does the chaeto do? I'm assuming for some kind of filtration. Does that sump need a light over it?


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not ideal for you fish im assuming he means thats a pretty smaill tank for those larger fish you have in there.. how much LR do you have?


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75 gallon tank approx 90lbs liv rock, live sand bed, protien skimmer. Levels are all good.
I am thinking of removing th damsels 3 of them, Maybe the clown as well.