Stocking the new tank


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What fish would you put in a 70 gallon 36x18x24 tank? Total system volume will be about 90 gallons. Only one hard rule NO TANGS. I can't stand them.

Thank You


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What type of system are you planning would help.. Full Reef , Fowler?

I personally like an assortment non aggresive fish, wrasses, clowns if that goes well maybe a couple angels as the show pieces


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Dwarf angel like a Coral Beauty, 1 pr of percs or osc clowsn, a trio of anthias, 1-2 firefish, flamehawk could all work.


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I'd skip the coral beauty-they're known to pick at polyps of all corals and pick at clams also.

I just got a royal gramma and though it's a small fish,it's very peaceful and totally reef safe.A great splash of color.


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Full reef tends to excludes most angels cause as Gina said.. they are notorious pickers.. though there are exceptions.
Pair of clowns, Wrasses, some type of nice rabbit fish (will help with algae control duty since no tangs) are good starter fish.
If that all goes well you can look into some other things, Anthias, Butterflys etc.


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I really like my scooter blenny... very personable fish. Also a small school of blue-green chromis.... (or anthias if you have the money) would be nice. I have a coral beauty angel (over a year), and it hasnt nipped at my corals or clams.

Some from my wish list:
*Tricolor Fairy Wrasse
*Exquisite Fairy Wrasse
*Yellow Mimic Tang
*Filamented Flasher Wrasse
*McCosker's Flasher Wrasse
*Christmas wrasse/ Ornate Wrasse

Blennies and Gobies are good too... for a tank that size, small fish will be great because they dont create too much waste... GL!


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yep, blatterless fishes are real cool. i like the lawnmoer blennies, they have so much personality. manderins are prety cool as well... shrimp are nice to have..

no tangs???

there are some real cool ones


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Thank you all for your suggestions. Keep the ideas coming. The current list that I am considering is:
2 occ clowns
1 scribbled rabbitfish
1 mandarin/or wrasse
4-5 chromis or anthias