Stone for reefs


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When not using live rock, what are your preferred stone/rock (such as granite) to put in reefs?
What is your "intent" with this "stone" ? Can you use marble.. sure.. can you use granite.. sure..
But in general a "porous" rock gives more nooks/crannies like an English Muffin.. :)

In general any "stone/rock" is fine.. But if not using "live rock" just get "base/dry" rock like this..


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Aragonite=marble.Take care with the marble thogh as it can contain various metals most predominatly here would be iron but i even fint a tiny bit of gold in the marble sand ive used.Granite looks the best thogh in my opinion .I would use these stones only in a cold water tank thogh.Because the marble and granite are soo dense and non porous they will not grow much bacteria on them but for somme that has an algae scrubber ,the biological filtration shouldnt be a problem.Another nice stone is the porphyry.Good things with these (except the marble)is that they dont have phosphates to leak as they arent stones made by living things.


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For decoration only, of course. I was thinking marble might slowly dissolve. Just wanted a nice decorative option that did not cause trouble.


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Marble will dissolve a litle if the ph is less than 7 and the marble will also leak phosphates just like the reef rock.They are basically the same chemical composition just the marble is more compact and cristalised.I would try thoose porrous volcanic rocks because they look similar to the calcium carbonate rock and they can also host bacteria for filtration.And its a natural look because manny reefs are growing on atols made by volcanic rock but be carefull as the chemical composition of that rock varies from one volcano to another.Somme might contain harmfull substances that could leak in the water.Otther options would be man made porous ceramic (burned)thats totally inert and can be made to look just like the live rock but without the risk of leaking phosphates or cement made rocks with cuartz sand in it ,preferably a ceramic, white cement.