Store Sabatoge


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How often does this happen, Sea shells, a store in michigan had to give away their entire livestock because someone did something to the water, you can check out the threads at, I didnt know the hobby was that competitive.
You should provede a link to what you are talking about.
I went to you're website but didn't find what you were talking about.
I work at one of the major nationwide chains, and we have instructions in the fish system book on what to do in events of "system sabotage".
wow I feel so bad for her. I hope the nail the &*@$^( that did it. I used to work at my lfs, the worst thing we had to deal with was the kids throwing pennies in the pond.
wow, people are crazy. Thats unbelievable. I read most of the thread. From where I read to the owner doesn't know what happened, but all systems are cloudy and all systems were affected. Some fish and corals were rescued, some dies in the system.
I would like to know what the cause was? truely sabatoge?
At the end of the thread she mentions someone sabotaged 11 separate tanks including the main display.

It seems as though the police and store owner have a pretty good idea of the person(s) who did this.

I hate reading things like this as it makes me sick.
For all the claims I've heard of systems failing throughout the years I've doubted most of them. Often it just seems to be poor upkeep of those systems. One thing that still seems to be common today in many store systems is very little flow, insufficient protein skimming, high nitrates, low PH and KH levels, and jam packed tanks. Some stores are just asking for problems, and when something goes wrong they'd rather blame some elaborate scheme to sabotage them rather than their poorly set up system.