strange clown


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I have an oscellaris clownfish who swim up and down continously, along the glass, always at the same place. The other one is normal. No agression with green chromis... The tank is 135 gal with reef.

I tought it will stop, but it keeps doing it for more than a month??

Is it a known disease?


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He may be stressed for some reason getting bullied mabey? Thats all I can think of as thats the only reason I've ever seen behavior like that.


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I don't know if it is a disease but i have seen fish like that because of water flow but i'm not sure so don't bet on it.


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thank"s for the input. I just wanted to make sure he was not sick.

He is the biggest of the two clown. Plus, I have 3 chromis, one purple tang and one royal gamma...

I just remember I saw an injuri on his side couple months ago. Something like a parasite , that went out by itself. Right now, he looks physically normal... He is just always head up or down, near the black overflow...


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when i bought both of my black ocellaris clown they both did that right in front of my tank for about 2-3 months i put posts up and everyone just said wait it out so thats what i did and now 4 months later they finally went into my LR and now the swim every where:) so i say wait it out...


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That's pretty normal for a clownfish, strange behavior like this is how they got their name. :)


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I have eight clown loaches that do the same thing. I've read that it has to do with new surroundings. Four months later and they are still doing it but have calm down alot. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it.