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Okay, I have heard all the hype about the streams, and am currently having dilema's on what I should do about flow in my tank. So I am thinking about streams(although I know little) instead of 4 maxijet 1200's on a wavemaker.
It is a 120gal 4'x2'x2. It will be inhabited by SPS.

Now do these streams speed up and slow down or is it just a constant flow? Because I guess the 6100 is the only one that can be on a wavemaker type device?
What model would work best on my tank? I guess the new 6000 would be best correct? Now that one cant be put on a wavemaker so what would be the point of using this bulky stream instead of powerheads? I realize I would need more powerheads to get the same flow, but if it is a steady flow, I already have enough of that.
And if I were to put two on the tank do you just face them into each other and let them together or how would you place them? And do you think 2 would be to many?
Tunze Stream 6000 and 6100 are Electronic Powerheads. These unique powerheads work on low voltage and a computer enables control of the pump speed between 30% and 100% of power. The delivery includes a pump, driver(computer), transformer, and mounting rail. They will not work on conventional wavemakers but require either our controller 7091- Single Controller or 7094 Multicontroller which interface with the computer through a 5pin DIN port. These controllers let you set a minimum and maximum flow and a rate for pulsing between these two flows. With the multicontroller in addition to the pulsing action it is possible to alternate the operation of the two pumps and a photocell is included for a calm night mode- photocell operation is an accessory on the Single Controller. Both controllers feature feeding pause buttons. The advantages over regular powerheads are numerous. Two 6000 powerheads will use slightly more power than one MJ1200 and produce a combined output of 3700gph. In addition to the energy efficiency the greater flow and broader flow pattern will create a more natural flow and the pulsing generates a natural wave energy in the aquarium. Both models feature 2" diameter outlet nozzles. Due to the high energy efficiency almost no heat is added to the aquarium and the bulk of the two 6000 Streams will be no greater than that of 4 maxijets. You may also require additional mounting hardware- the delivered hardware is suitable for trimless Euro tanks, kit 3000.244 is required for All Glass or Oceanic, Kit 3000.26 is required for perimeter braced glass or acrylic. For positioning my preferred would be one in each back corner aimed to the opposite front corner. I would have both pumps operating continuously with an offset pulse so that one is at 30% while the other is at 100%. I would set this pulse to alternate every 3-4 seconds. The 6000 is not yet available in US voltage- on both models it is reasonable to expect a 4-6week wait for delivery as we have numerous back orders to fill and as a small manufacturer production is limited.
Okay so they can be put on your multicontroller, which is a special wavemaker for the pumps then correct? So for example If I have two of the pumps, like you said I will set one to be at 30% and the other be at 100% and this will actually be better than an on off, because it will make some turbulence in the water.
So to the few nitty gritty details then

1st, would two 6000 on my tank be way to much flow? again its a 48x24x24. Is there a way to like set it possibly so that they dont reach max flow if i do have a flowrate problem?(Im worried about my sand, it is small particles. Largest are like 1-1.5mm)

2. What kind of cost am I looking at for getting two 6000's, with a multicontroller, and anything else needed to make it work? And how would I get on an order list for the 6000?

3. I am worried about the mounting of these. I dont know what eurobracing and all that stuff you were talking about is. However I have an All-Glass tank. On both sides I have a Glass bracing that is about 6'' wide. Now I have one of your top-off systems and I see that these use the same type of mounting hardware. Then my only problem is how in the hell to mount them. You said I should put the two pumps in the back corners and have them shoot diagonal to the front. Well If i mount them to the glass bracing they are going to be sitting in the middle of water, instead of being nice and close to the back corners. This becomes a problem because I assume you would want these like 1/4 or 1/3 way down into the tank? If I do that, they will be conflicting with my rock, and also a lot of the flow will be right into the rocks. So what do you guys do/suggest about mounting these on a tank like mine?
I appreciate your time and answers. I am very interested in these now, but I just want to make sure it would be do-able and something that wont drive me nuts. The only thing I dont like about the autotop off is the bracketry. Since i have it sitting on the lip of a standard tank it isnt very sturdy. And when i cranked it down hard i ended up snapping the plastic screw =D.
Anyone that has one will tell you the multicontroller is more or less the ultimate wavemaker- not just a wavemaker- with all combined configurations their are nearly 100 program possibilities and it can run up to 8 pumps. With 2 pumps you will be limited to several variations on 2 basic programs tide mode and pulse mode.

Yes you can dial in the flow to what you desire. High power can be 60% if you wish but it is not likely you will have too much trouble as 1850gph from a 2" nozzle has very little pressure behind it. The only thing about fine sand is that if you get a sandstorm for any reason - you need to clean your pumps, do not let them run without service. The driver has an alarm that cuts power to the pump and notifies you that the propeller has been blocked by debris but sand is high on the list of causing this problem.

The 6000 pumps are $218.99 and the multicontroller is $151.11. You will need the 3000.26 bracket for perimeter or eurobrace mounting- that is what the bracing you have is called. You will need a hacksaw and screw driver to fashion an L Bracket to custom fit the bracing. The kit can accomodate a brace up to 7" wide. These kits are about $7 a piece.

You will need to get in contact with one our dealers and be put on their waiting list. They all have their own terms for doing this.

If you need a replacement screw let me know. They are graphite fiber reinforced and generally not that easy to break unless they get cross threaded or over tensioned.
So on the pricing, is that price for two of them or just one? And what is the difference between the 6000 and 6060's? I looked briefly on your webpage to find info about them but didnt see anything.

And on the mounting. Do you have a picture of how to rig that up so that you get the pump under the brace? And how hard/sturdy is it when you do that. Because If i cant get the pump under the brace so it gets close to the glass like a powerhead would be. If you have the time to expand on how you make up this bracket, or can give me a link to instructions or whatnot I would appreciate it. I need to make sure it will work for me before I decide to put 400 into this setup >:D
The price is per pump. The 6060 is much less expensive but it has no control possibilities, a wavemaker will destroy the drive unit. You can switch it off and on at 1hr minimum intervals on a timer. This pump is $115. The bracket system is essentially identical as for your osmolator. With a little creativity it can work on any set up. If you have fast internet and can send me an email I will reply with the pump manual which references this part and shows an illustration. It is about a 500K PDF file. Your other option is to silicon the rail in place or clamp it to an overflow box. We have fiberglass plates that enable the rail to be adhered to the glass but this works best in a new empty set up.
Ouch that is super expensive!
So the 6060 cant even run on your multicontroller then?
Or is it that the 6000 can be on a wavemaker(besides yours) but the 6060 cant?
And does the 6060 speed up and slow down? If it does how long does it take for it to go from 30% to 100%?
What is the flow rate for the 6060? And is it available in the 230V? I have a 6080 running in my 4' tank and i like it a lot. But adding another 6080 may cause a sandstorm in my tank and i am hoping to get the 6060. And is it like the 6000 and need to pre-order?
Sing, the 6060 is a 1600gph Stream. It is available in 230V/50hz. In some parts of Asia- South Korea- the voltage is 230V but at 60Hz. For this you will need the 115V 60Hz model and a step up transformer. Otherwise if it is 50Hz, as in most of Europe, Asia and the Southern cone of South America I would contact a European vendor and purchase a 230V 50Hz model. The Hz is most important as it controls the rotation speed of the pump. The voltage is not so important and can be corrected with transformers.

Skeet, the 6060 is a more or less traditional powerhead it has no electronics to enable the sophisticated controls. The 6000 is loaded with sensors and circuitry to enable control of pump speed. The 6060 has no interface for a Tunze controller- 5 pin DIN. The Stream pumps use a special side braced drive unit without a shaft and they utilize a cenrifugal clutch to stabilize the magnet on start up. This system is damaged by frequent start and stop as the clutch engages on every start up and eventually the mechanism wears out. The low voltage computerized system enables a soft start. Unfortunately despite what any wavemaker manufacturer says their is no such thing as a soft start on a traditional pump. The coil is either sufficeintly energized to turn the magnet or it is not. For a 6080 I know this start up voltage to be 92V, at this point it will begin to turn. Prior to this their is not enough power. The start is just as harsh as it would be at 115V. The 6000 pulses at a rate between 1 and 7 seconds but I sent you the manual and you can read the details.