Stretching BTA?


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I picked up a BTA at reef-a-palooza. In the bag he was about 3" in dia. I did not see it fully open so I'm not sure how big he is. I put him in the bottom a few hours before lights out. It climbed to the top of the rock overnight and wedged himself between two rocks. He's starting to peek out when the lights are on, but I haven seen a mouth emerge yet. It seems like he's flattened out under the entire rock and tentacles poking out in several places. When I got home last night, it seemed like more than 50% of the tentacles is hanging down below the rock formation about 10" away on the other side of the rest of him. I can't imagine him reaching for light since the cave is in shadow. The top portion is still at the top, never moving from where its peeking out, tips fully inflated as was the bottom when it was hanging down. I thought he might be splitting, but this morning, the bottom part is gone, either shrunk back up or hiding somewhere. Do they stretch this far without splitting?



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once they find the happy place they will stretch however far they need with out leaving the happy place old pic an a new one


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