Stuff for sale MH TLF tanks dry rock sand etc..


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Cleaning out the fish room. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Still at the same location for those that have been here before. If you need more pics of anything or have any questions ask away. :celeb1:

150w MH hob fixture painted royal blue
Bulb and ballast Have maybe 5 hours total use
If I recall correctly it's a phoenix 14k bulb $70



TLF phosphate reactor with maxi 400
Used 2-3 months max $30


Moonlight setup I bought from phishy a few years ago
I can't remember the brand. Never used $10?


Maxi jet 900 and hydor flow
$10 for both $5 a piece

20L black painted rear panel in excellent shape $15

10g with hood and small stand
Comes with pvc overflow (not attached yet) was going to make it into an all in one. The hood and little stand will need a little filler and paint $20?


20lbs dry rock
20lbs dry fiji pink sand $20 for both?

75w black stealth heater (aquarium systems brand) $5

older mag drive 3 $10?



zoa collector :)
Interested in the 10g, the sand and the rocks.
Where are you located? I'm hoping its not really far away from

I drive a Durango gas!


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Still for sale

150w MH hob with very new bulb and ballast $70

20L with black painted rear glass $15

10G with hood and mini stand + AIO homemade over flow (not attached yet) $20