Stuff new reefers need but wouldn't know


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1. Gloves
2. Stainless steel forceps (best is at least 8 inches)
3. Stainless Steel coral clippers
4. Dedicated bucket, towels, turkey baster, flavor injector
5. Extra heater, pump, powerhead, thermometer
6. Enough extra salt for an emergency 30% water change
7. Extra hydrometer/refractometer
8. Super glue gel (Cyanoacrylate)
9. A travel styrofoam cooler

10. A large disposable income

Feel free to add more


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11. extra ro/di cartrages

12. the winning lotto ticket

13 a log book for test results

14 the winning lotto ticket

15 a varried diet for fish and corals

16 the winning lotto ticket

17 three Ross gravity enteral feeding bags available from a local home health store to dose kalkwaser or alk

18 The winning lotto ticket


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Plenty of research.
Good water source.
Water test kits.
Proper flow and salinity.
Right amount of LR and LS.

Wait for cycle to end then worry about a CUC.All the fragging tools wont be needed and would only confuse a newbie.
I say your list fits a more mature tank and IMO its jumpig ahead as without proper water conditions and knowledge then the fragging tools will never be used.Oh but you did get the gloves and get the non powdered gloves.
Slow down newb.Step by step.


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deep pockets.

savings (that you can kiss goodbye)

GF or Wife that doesnt throw things when angry.

GF or Wife thats also a reefer. +++

good amount of credit cards to spread out the cost of equipment so its not one big amount when they see the monthly statements.

nice comfortable chair to passout on when staring at tank.

oh yeah, and quality test kits to make sure water params are in check.


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Yea its funny.If people really did research the benifits of the SB and LR as the best bio filter then i think canister filter threads would stop by 10 fold. They may have there purpose but only confuse new hobbiest. They need to learn the basics and go step by step and enjoy and cherish the SW Reef eco system that is growing before them.
Or like many other threads it will be "Well after 2 yrs in my garage i want to restart my reef tank even though i never had any troubles and i swear i didnt give up after crashing it 3 times its just i didnt have time to take care of it" or something similar , and are ready to waste another 2500 bucks on rushing and not researching. Sorry i get all worked up after a few cervecas.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11635963#post11635963 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by rommelgin

savings (that you can kiss goodbye)

good amount of credit cards to spread out the cost of equipment so its not one big amount when they see the monthly statements.

I've managed to run my tank without using savings or credit cards. I hope it won't crash if I don't have either of these, but maybe I've just been lucky. :lol:

Joining a local fish club or reef club is an excellent resource for knowledge, help, freebies and cheap stuff (livestock and equipment).

Time. If you already have a gazillion things on your plate, make sure you're still doing water changes and testing water.

A quarantine tank. Just get one and use it. :)


A good reef library
Something to cover the floor while doing water changes..or a new carpet/flooring every few months
GFI outlets or extension cords
Plenty of power or outlet near the tank...or lots of extension cords
Plenty of support under a big tank

Lots of self control, especially near a LFS or online store


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ziploc bags [for to and from fish store]
women's kneehigh nylons [carbon bags] unused!
plastic needlework canvas [hobby store] or gutter guard [Lowes] for anti-jump barriers.
pair of dedicated pliers for things that won't come undone. [Metal ok, but rinse in fresh water and dry thoroughly between uses.]
a strap wrench [ask at Lowes if you've never seen one]. They're great for opening jars, getting a ro/di cylinder undone, etc, etc.
Single edged razor blades for glass tanks: wall scraping.
Waterproof bandaids for wounds on arm: do not expose to tank water.
Latex examination gloves [non-powdered.]
Big stack of bath towels somewhere near tank.


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Friends!!!! That stand always seems to go up three flights of stairs easier with a little help!!!!