stupid stripped blenny


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Thought the dang thing was dead just now. Got up and passed the tank on the way to the bathroom and saw him in the top corner vertically with his top half bent parallel to the water line and pretty much right at the water line almost floating on it.

I tap on the glass and he doesnt move and im like damn this is a bad start to the day. Grab the turkey baster to push some water on him to see what happens, nothing. Do it again and really get him with water and the little guy takes the hell off and is good to go now.

Thing needs to learn to sleep in a normal non-dead looking position lol


Fish heads unite!
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Are you talking about a fang blenny? Both of mine sleep wedged in the edge where two sides of the tank meet. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.


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Mine normally sleeps in the corner of the glass but usually close to the bottom above the clownfish. Freaked me out this morning, looked like he was dead and floating in the corner at first. What an odd little fish lol. I like him though.