Suddenly rejecting flakes?

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Aha, I got a new noob problem!
The clowns won't eat their flakes after tasting shrimp soaked in garlic.

They come to the food-corner when I signal feeding time but then just stare at the flakes.

They still eat shrimp in the morning apparently until no more is offered although I don't feed that much and they still graze around the tank for algae and Zooplankton but they just stare at the flakes!

Is this normal?


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Got spoiled. Starve em for a day or two and try the flakes. If they are hungry enough they will eat them

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It would be really perfect if I can ignore this mistake. I tried to feed them flakes again this evening and they just tasted it and spit it out. They look cute when they eat shrimp but I don't want to ruin their health by being a noob :)

I still only have garlic-drops, have been hesitating to buy additional supplement-drops as my LFS did not have any, so I have to pick a brand.

What nutrients should I look for in the products? And how much herbivore-food do they need? I only keep the clowns so I know nothing about feeding with algae-sheets and those types of things (hoped the green flakes would work).

I plan to start some home cultures of Copepods, mysis, moina and/or rotifers, anything else I can do?