Suggest a complimentary MH bulbs for my T5 setup?


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Just got some new T5s. ATI purple and a ATI actinic.

So lots of purple. I have a mixture of LPS/SPS with greens, reds, blues and one piece with purple.

What would be a good complimentary bulb?

My system is 2x250w double ended DE bulbs.


Thinking of 20k


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It really depends

They say the best growth comes from 10-12ks...But they make everything look washed out...14ks are not much better

I run 20k radiums...Really with them you dont need supplemental light but it is still nice to have...20k is the way to go IMO...if you want good viewing all the time when they are on. 10k-14k if you want to bump up the growth rate.


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How many T5's are you running? I run 2 ATI actinic with 2 250w Phoenix and love the color. Not too blue or purple. If you run 4 T5's, I'd probably recommend something more white like a Reeflux 12k.