Suggestion when ordering

David Grigor

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First off like to say you do an excellent job and consider PA my first MO choice.

There have been times when I order that I want to include a note to ensure I ordered what I intended or to mention price matching quotes on items ordered. It would be nice during the ordering process there was a place for notes/comments to accompany the order.

In the past I have always sent a seperate email with order number to confirm matching prices etc. So far there hasn't been a problem and you always get the email and act accordingly before items shipped.

I don't know how much control you have on your website ordering process but a feature like this would add some peace of mind to my ordering experience and may help keep things straight on your end as well.....
Hi David,

Thanks for the input. It's very appreciated. That is on my "do to" list. I've been waiting to have our miva program upgraded to a new version before i have that comments programmed in, otherwise they'll have to do it twice. One of the drawbacks to my shopping cart.

I plan on having a comment box and some pull down options for livestock delivery days and some questions like where you found us from, etc.

Hopefully this will get done soon!!!