Suggestions for 215g


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I have a 215g with a 40g sump.

My stocking is as follows:
1 Powder Brown Tang
1 Yellow Eye Kole Tang
1 Vlamingi Tang
1 Sailfin Tang
1 Green Bird Wrasse
1 Brown Bird Wrasse
1 Emporer Angel
1 Cherub Angel
2 Maroon Clowns

I am looking at new skimmers. I would like to keep it around $350 or less. I currently have an ASM G1-X from my last tank.

I was thinking about the MSX 200 or MSX 250 shown below:
MSX 200:
MSX 250:

Or the Vertex IN-250 :

Is this MSX 200 too small? Is the MSX 250 too small? Comments are appreciated.
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