Suggestions for fish that will happily eat pellets


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I go out of town often and would like to set up a tank that does not have any finicky fish in it. So far I have a clown that eats anything I throw in the tank. Does anyone have any other suggestions?? :bounce3:


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My clowns are my only fish that eat pellets or flakes. My captive-bred orchid dottyback, lawnmower blenny and yellow watchman goby refuse pellets and flakes.


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My clowns eat pellets and flakes.

So do my gobies, my wrasses, my anthias, my angelfish, my triggerfish . . . I don't think my dragonets do, but that's about it, really.



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I think you'll find aside from a few finicky fish most all fish will adapt to what you feed them. I've had Powder Blue and Hippo tangs eating nori flakes and pellets from an auto feeder. As well as clowns, anthias, damsels, chromis, and gobies.


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my bicolor blenny nibbles on algae and greedily hunts down each and every pellet that hits the water. My blue damsel does the same but might not be a good match with a clown in the tank.


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think he was asking for fish that would eat pellets not the type of pellets fish like to eat. to answer your question a lot of fish will eat flakes and pellets, sometimes you just have to feed a few times for them to get used to eating it


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I have some fish that eat pellets: Yellow Tang, Kole Tang, dottyback, blue green chromis, and a shrimp goby.