Suggestions on RO/(DI) unit? Skimmer/sump for 90 gallon?


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Hey guys.
So we have a plumbed 90 gallon wave now and I figure I'll go ahead and get an RO unit now. RO/DI seem a lot more expensive and I hear DI isnt really a requirement.. but would be nice to have.

Anyone currently using one they like? I'm not looking to break the bank but just get one to save on spending 80 cents a gallon for saltwater during cycling etc. Low GPD is fine. I'm patient :)

New or used, if anyone knows a good place to buy from I'm all ears(preferably local!)

Also looking for a compatible skimmer, or sump that is under 15 inches wide. We were given a wet/dry fiter, has anyone had good luck converting to a sump?
Im not sure who told you DI isnt a requirement....I would say it is, especially if you are going tot he trouble of making RO in the first place.

_that being said...that my opinion.

Airwaterice make some nice models- the Typhoon III being my favorite. With that unit you have the option of bypassing the DI section.

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i get di water for 30cents a gal at edmond?

Though with the price of gas today, it's hardly cheap to drive to get water unless your already there. I'm always amazed at how many people come into the LFS to buy water. I can see the advantage of having to go in so you can look and see what's new:) , but an RO/DI was one of the first things I decided I had to have many years ago. I like to go to the LFS as much as anyone (heck they kick me out around here on some days, say my nose is dirtying up the glass on the tanks as I stare at everything), but I would hate to have to go just to pick up water.

And DI is a great thing to add. It really helps as your RO begins to need a replacement and begins to let a little more through. Also takes out a few of the things that the RO isn't that good at taking out.

And spend a little more and get one with a float switch and auto shutoff valve. I've flooded our laundry room sooo many times now (in two different houses) that my wife keeps the wet vac nearby just for me to use. It's a little extra expense, but nothing compared to waking up and having to get up water all over the floor because you forgot to turn off before going to bed...
I have an old Air Water Ice system that is 5 stage that I will let go for $50.

It will need a new RO membrane and some more DI resin. I think I have some DI resin for it and if I do, I'll throw some in.

I really need to "clean house", maybe this will get me started.

You'll love the AWI system and you'll thank yourself later for not leaving out the DI, I believe.
I actually just ordered the AWI with some other stuff I would eventually need. Went with the Typhoon III. Thanks for pointing me in that direction!
(also picked up a float switch, PH meter, TDS meter, needed valve etc)

Googled around and saw nothing but good about AWI including their warranty and support so figured it would be worth it to order new.
Skimmer on a Wave tank

Skimmer on a Wave tank

I use the Oceanic Model I sump which just (barely) fits into the Wave Tank stand. It has room for a Aqua Medic Turboflotor Multi SL skimmer which has served me well over the past year.

I am sure that you could buy a 20G long or similar tank and install baffles for a little less money, but the Oceanic sumps are "set it and forget it" units...