Suitable timers for 6080s

David Grigor

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I am still debating 6080s vs. 6100s with controllers. Obviously 4 6080s would be considerably cheaper.

Currently I am using 4X1200gph external powerheads one in each corner on a wavemaker. It turns left side on for a 40minutes then alternate the right side for 40 minutes.

I am thinking I could do very similiar with 4X6080s. Initially thinking on/off once a day with 14 hours on and 10 hours off. So a few hours a day all 4 would be running.

A buddy has an instruction manual and it recommends using Tunze timers no frequently than once an hour. However, on the Tunze web site it says the timers are for german plugs only.

Do they make a timer for US plugs. If not, do you recommend a timer. In a previous thread you mention it should be a soft start but not for sure how to tell or where to get one if Tunze does not make one for the US.
Soft Start is BS. I can tell you from testing pumps that they are either sufficiently energized to work or they aren't. For a 6080 102V is required to start the pump and 87 to keep it running. Regardless it runs full speed as Hz is what controls rotation speed. Manufacturers of wavemakers came up with this soft start sales pitch but it isn't reality. The Electronic pumps have built in frequency control on the drivers so we vary the HZ and in this way we can have soft start.

Any timer with grounded plug is suitable. In Europe we offer Theiben timers but Theiben only makes a German/French plug and only offers a 50Hz 230V product. We hope to soon offer a US timer. If you want a slick timer IKEA Home Furnishings had some awesome euro looking timers in their Houston store, don't know if their is one in the Twin Cities area. They had a practical design that minimized covering other outlets. But, any grounded timer will work.

Thanks for the suggestion on the IKEA timers. The Intermatics are a pain in how much space they cover up. They just opened an IKEA close by in East Palo Alto, and it's been a zoo there since the grand opening last Wednesday. My big warning is that if you order furniture that needs to be picked up, do it at the beginning of the day when the store opens. We waited over an hour on Saturday for our furniture and left when it still didn't show up. My wife and I would have waited longer, but my 6-month old son, 3-year old daughter, and my dad were also with us!

We showed up the next day and received our furniture a lot faster when we got our willcall number at the beginning of the day. Well, that's my IKEA tirade of the day - I still love the store and their stuff.

Do you think turning a powerhead on and off in 1 hour intervals simulates wave motion/flow well? I've always thought the cycle had to be shorter.

BTW, Roger, great article on the history of powerheads in the latest Reefkeeping magazine.
I have read articles where that say there is more laminar flow than we think in the ocean. Would the main flow not only then change with the tide?

My opposing 6080 pumps create a pretty chaotic current in my 225. When the scrubber dumps it disrupts the flow, making it even more chaotic. I would thing one could do this with a large powerhead, pointing across the stream pumps flow and on a timer.

Dave, from what I have seen, the 6110 pumps, with their larger volume flow and controller, provides a pretty nice faster & slower type current, abeit laminar. Perhaps one of those on each end pulsing, would be the solution.
Thanks for the compliment on the article.

IMO- the addition of Seaswirls is a great way to offset the laminar nature of the flow, two Electronic Streams when pulsed and alternated can also eliminate the laminar flow patterns.
I am thinking I could do very similiar with 4X6080s. Initially thinking on/off once a day with 14 hours on and 10 hours off. So a few hours a day all 4 would be running.

David, not sure what size tank you have but unless it's a monster I think two streams will do ya. I would also consider a couple of Seaswirls to compliment the streams. That's what I'm running now and really like the current. I have my streams on regular timers and alternate on 5 hr cycles with half hour sessions with both on and then off. Regular timers seem to work fine with these. I guess Tunze just doesn't recommend on off cycles less than 1 hour. I have 6060's but they are basically the same as 6080's just not as much flow.
Tank is 320g.......8' long.

I had a chance to test run a couple of 6080s from a friend. I am actually thinking 4 might not be enough for the amount of current I want.....
Ok so we are talking large tank. If that's the case I would skip the 6080's all together and go with 2 6100's. You could always add additonal latter if you think you need it. I would also still recommend a couple of Seaswirls to break up the flow of the streams a little. I'm really happy with the Stream/Seaswirl combo. Sounds like a nice tank.