Sulfur Reactor: Just how much SO4?


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My tank is getting older and the inevitable increase in Nitrates is slowly creeping up on me where now they are detectable at 1 mg/L and the growth in nuisance algae is apparent. Deep sand bed is out of the question at this point, and I already do large water changes, and have macro algae growing as well, so I'd like to try a Sulfur Reactor as it seems to be the "cleanest" from a chemical reaction standpoint with a known honest equation:

2 H2O + 5 S + 6 NO3- → 3 N2 + 5 SO42- + 4 H+

(taken from Randy's article Nitrate in the Reef Aquarium)


If I have 3000L of water and 1 mg/l of NO3 how much SO42- will I produce and will it be a problem?

As always thanks to any and all who offer help!



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The sulphate production isn't an issue if you're doing regular water changes. If you were going years between changes, it might be an issue.


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Water changes should keep the sufate/ chloride ratio close to natural levels. If you are using calcium chloride for calcium supplemetation and or magnesium chloride it should be even less of a concern and might actually help balance those off a bit.. Fyi: in seawater Chloride is 19,000 ppm and Sulfate 2,700ppm. It would take a long time without water changes to have any significant change.