Sump advice for 2 tanks


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I am currently running a 125 and am adding a 80 breeder. The sump I have could likely handle the addition of the 80 water volume but I'd like to get a new sump that is a bit "stronger". I have dual overflows in the 125 and a single overflow in the 80. I want to plumb each overflow to it's own "tube" so I've been looking at something like the Trigger Systems Crystal ELITE Sump - 36 inch that has three return tubes. I know I can tee off a sump with two return tubes and am torn on which way to go.

I don't use filter socks and don't want to. I also want to make the sump as quiet as possible so having the tubes go into the water versus coming back up to flow into a filter sock section is not desirable. I have this today it is noisy without socks in place. I also want a fuge section.

Any suggestions on sumps to fit my needs?