Sump for under 54 corner bowfront


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So at this time on my 54 I have an aquafuge HOB refugium. I would like to get rid of that and put something under my tank in the cabinet. As you know there is very limited space with a unique pie shaped footprint. Does anyone have any ideas? I would love to be able to have a small refugium in it but know space is limited. I have looked at a model from Aqueon called the RS 75 I believe that is adaptable to a refugium style sump.

Also I sold my two Kessil A150'S and purchased a 350. I thought I cranked down the power on it when I started but a few months after i installed it I lost some stock.Some zoa's and green stars just shriveled and died. The light?


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You'll probably get more hits on the Reef Discussion or possibly the DIY forum. Not a lot of folks look at the Chemistry forum every day. And I don't know that the chemists are the right people to ask this question to.


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I use a proclear 100 - fits great but no room for fuge - drains into 2 mesh filter bags (carbon, gfo), a redline skimmer in the center section, and heater and return pump up front. Ditched the bioballs. Accessing the media bags is challenging with the skimmer cup right there in the middle but is possible (I change filter floss every 3 days or so).


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i have a 20H sump/fuge. little cabinet makes it all difficult


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I also have a 54 corner, using a 15g that I had made. The place was in MI, let me know if you want more info. I might still have it on my pc. It was $140 with shipping.


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I have a 54g corner QT and managed to get standard 10g tank for a sump under it. Works fine. Keep your HOB 'fuge (less critter death when draining directly into tank rather th through return pump)