Sump/Fuge Plans


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Ok heres what i have got...
150 gallon starphire 60x24x24
Two 1-1/2 inch drains external
Barr Aquatics External Skimmer on a Tarpon
Om 4 Way Closed Loop on a Dart
One 17-1/2 x 17-1/2 x 34 Sump (just a square box nothing inside yet...

How would you partition the inside of the sump for a fuge and other things. I need to have low water level for my skimmer (so They Say)???

Any input would be great . Thats the only thing holding me up at the moment untill ????? :)

Thank You


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I built mine from scratch sumps is 20"X14"X17" baffels are 13" tall. Where the three baffels are is the skimmer and the middle is the return and the right is the fuge. I dont have water in the tank yet or I would show you that. lol but I hope this what you were asking for if not let us know.


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I'm also looking to build my own and/or upgrade my simple sump to fuge/sump.

Plans anyone?


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It's really an open ended question. It would be much easier to help if I saw how the equipment was laid out and where. It's an external skimmer, so why would the water level matter? The big question is what do you want the sump to do, and how is the equipment laid out. From there we could help a little more. The running height of the sump is pretty basic, the issue is will it hold all the water from the tank, skimmer and other items when the power goes out;)