Sump Layout/Plumbing Help


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I'm sure that more research would answer this question for me but due to a series of unfortunate events, time is not my ally. Nor is knowledge, as I'm embarking on my first saltwater tank and my first tank of any kind in over 10 years. I've recently purchased a tank and I'm wanting to adjust the plumbing layout a bit. I would appreciate any advice on sump layout, plumbing tips and ESPECIALLY any pics of similar layouts to help me better understand. Tank is 72Lx18D with dual corner overflows. Below are a couple pictures of the sump (not the best shots, I apologize) which measures 42' by 16". Moving from left to right:
This used to have an external pump but will now be running external, so I believe the plumbing will be removed and capped. The first "area is 20.5" long, then there's a toothed on top baffle and a 16" area. Then there's a 5.5" long "box" with a small little access panel that receives the overflow. The tank had been set up with that box full of rubble (which I'm keeping alive right now) and some rubble in the other 2 compartments with the return pump on the far left held upright with a couple slip in baffles.
My "tentative"plan:
Retain the rubble in the "intake box", put my skimmer (a Vertex IN-180 that has a 14x10.5 footprint) in the right hand side compartment, maybe some more rubble rock in the left hand compartment (I may move to a fuge there in the future, unsure) and then the return pump on the far left.

Any suggestions? Did anything I just typed make sense? :lmao:



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The more I think about it, I believe the tentative plan will be to leave that far right compartment (where I'm assuming bio balls once were) empty. It was a PHENOMENAL PITA to get that compartment cleaned and I think even live rock in there would be pretty prone to getting gunked up as that's the first place any detritus would be hitting when entering the sump.