sump project


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Hello there, introducing myself in this site... My name is Ricardo and i'm from Costa Rica... not Puerto Rico! :D ... My lack of experience forces me to ask a lot of questions, hope you don't mind... I'm planning a 50gallon Saltwater Tank, to make a Tropical Reef so I need some advising to construct a sump to place it beneath my main tank. The sump is a 20gallon and I think I should divide it in three sections, the first for the skimmer, the second for some live rock and macro algae, and the last one for the pump that returns the water to the main tank. My doubts are the following: 1- where does the tube that come from the tank to the sump must be placed, I have to open a hole in the glass or can I place the tube in the water surface?. 2- what kind of pump do I have to buy? A powerhead won't make the pump's job rigth?....

That's it for the moment, thank u guys! Hope we can keep in touch! THANKS:::::cool:


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with that sump layout i would place the tube from the main tank into the skimmer section. you do not need to drill the glass, just stick it in from the top and extend almost to the bottom. as for the pump, get one that is rated the same as your overflow from the tank. it also needs to be able to hand the height of the water being pumped back to tank. check out this website. there are a lot of different sump designs. i used one on my 75 gallon.melevreef