sump pump???


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What kind of pump do you all like for the sump? I have a 75g tank with a 20g sump. I am currently using a fluval 405 as my return pump but i want to get a pump to replace that. What do you guys recommend?




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FWIW, I've been using a Rio 2500 for years on end without any problems. I used it on my old 60 gallon breeder, and I'm still using it now on my 20 gallon. There are better alternatives out there, but it was just something to compare to. GL.


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I also use the Rio 2500 on my 90g tank & 20ish G sump. In fact all my return pumps in both of my tanks are Rio's, once in a while they need cleaning like any other pump but for the price you can't beat them.

T Smith

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I used a Mag 7 on my old 75, now using 2 on my 100. They get a bad rap on here most of the time but my experience has been good.


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I use to have a Mag 7, they can be known to throw out some heat, Ehiem are bulletproof and I would not hesitate to look into one of those


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I run a mag 3 on my 75 ga with 20 ga sump. Nice flow and my sock won't overflow until 10 days. I change out with a clean one every Saturday.


I would not recommend a Mag. I've given them multiple chances and they are junk IMO. I'd go with a water blaster or eheim....They'll also always start right up after a power blip/outage.