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hi i have a 72 gal tank and 20 gal sump that has 3 chambers i just put a phosban 150 in it the question is on the return line where should it come in to the return chamber or back into the in chamber where the inlet pump is or in the refurium chamber also it has been on the tank for about 3 weeks it has got rid of the red slim but my water is still a little cloudy the water test fine but is not as clear then all of the other tanks that i have seen, does anyone recommend a uv light or how do you get the crystal clear water and how many watts is good for a 100 gal set up and how do u judge how many watts is good
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Carbon will make the water clear faster than anything. I'm running 2 150 watt heaters on my 70 with a exposed sump. I would think something similar would work well. I don't think it matters too much where the return line goes. There should be enough flow in the sump to carry it back to the tank wherever it is.