sump question


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Planning on upgrading to a 90 or 125g reef and will use my 55g as a sump. I was planning on creating 3 sections within the sump and will use one for a protein skimmer and since I have seen so many different sump variations as to what to do with the other 2 sections so I am a little confused. Any ideas as to what would be best for me?? I plan on keeping fish and some hardy corals at first then see how that goes and move from there. Thanks


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I'm upgrading also and am using my 120 under my new tank. I planned to have a section for baffles, a section for my skimmer, a section for refugium with overhead lighting, and also a section setup with a "faucet" so I can quickly remove water from the sump (without affecting the fuge) so I can do water changes with the return pump off...