Sump/refug question


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Just bought a ER skimmer and it's too big to fit into my 3 section sump.

Currently i have a hang on skimmer on the left, refug in the middle, and return pump on the right. I also have 20 gal refugium coming into the return pump.

I need to put the ER Skimmer into the middle section, which I need to remove the sand and rocks. How do I re-arrange the new flow so that the water from the refugium won't get skimmed?

My thought:
- Overflow from main tank goes to middle section with the skimmer,
- the refugium overflow goes to the right with the return pump. Probably need to add rocks to block the bubbles. I tried this before but a lot of microbubbles came out in the main tank.
- the left section just have the pump back to refugium?

Please advise,

D to the P

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so you have a sump with a refugium in it, and you have a refugium? Do you have a diagram or something because I don't see why you can't take the refugium out of the middle section, put the protein skimmer in, and be done. If the 20 gallon is seperate than you should have a Y connecting piece and a ball valve coming from your return. 30% of the water goes to the fuge and the rest goes to the sump where it will go through the first chamber, then the 2nd with the protein skimmer, and then to the third where the return pump is. Then a pump takes the water out of the 20 gallon and pushes it to your return pump section that pumps all the water back to your tank. Maybe I'm not understanding what you are saying, but I think that is the reason your thread isn't getting much response. Can you refrase it or possibly draw something in MS paint and post it?