sump return question


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I am setting up my first sump. I was going to keep the eheim 1260 return pump internal, but I wouldn't have room for a refugium. Refugium is important, no? If I go external, do I need two holes drilled in the sump tank? How is that set up? Thanks in advance!!!


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Why two holes?

Wouldn't you drill a single hole to install a bulkhead with a line to the input of the pump and then run a line from the pump output to your tank return.

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flooding shouldnt be any moer of an issue than if you put the return pump inside teh sump......unless you dont seal you plumbing well enough....but that is obvious if it leaks


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Also be sure that the bulkhead and pump input are precisely lined up - you don't want any stress going into the glass through the bulkhead hole.