Sump set-up


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I am looking for some help on the best ideas for plumbing my tank. I have a 65gallon high ( not reef ready) with a few fish and a several corals and inverts and about 100 pounds of live rock. My sump ( a 40 gallon breeder tank)will be about 4 feet below it. I just bought a Mag 9.5 and a hang-on Eshopps PF-1000 overflow box. I want to make it as maintenance friendly as possible including any gates or check valves. My sump has three chambers and was thinking of putting skimmer in supply section,as much live rock as possible in the middle and the return in the third with light and some chaeto. Open to suggestions and would appreciate any help. Im also thinking of going with flex vinyl hosing , all 1". I assume my balance for the overflow and return will have to be a valve in line with my return pump to the tank.


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Light and chetto in the middle? Or with return? Sounds like a good idea on the flex tubing im using that as well n love it. In my opinion esphopps overflow are eh oh but I am gonna b upgrading to cpr just because bubbles get trapped in the u tube of my esphopps


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Cheato and light usually go in the middle with the rock and I would do more research on c-siphon (cpr style) overflows before you spend the money for one.

I thought I hit the jackpot when I got one for $20 used, needless to say it didn't stay on my tank too long before I switched back to the old style.