sumps next to tank

j tavares

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Can anyone help me need photos of sumps plumbed next to tank, I have NO access underneath the tank due to stand construction . Tank already filled and running. Wishing to add sump.Thanks for Help>

Vinny Kreyling

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Low Boy Stand? MY 220 was one & sump next to tank.
It was not RR so I had HOB overflows with plastic pool hoses for drains.
No problems in all the years it was up.
The pump back ran through the chiller, into the skimmer & tank.


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You are asking for trouble without a gravity drain. If you cannot figure out how to put it lower than the main tank, you are best going without a sump.


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Just asking, Is there a room behind the tank that you could put sump? I had a 125 gallon at my old house and a spare/utility type room behind that I put my sump set up and just made 2 neat holes (one for drain and one for return) and it worked out great. Just a thought if you have the layout that works.