Sunbrite Slimline LED Info & Par Readings


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<b>DISCLAIMER:</b> Just a guy searching LED alternatives for my 15 x 15 cube when I found the SunBrite Slimline LED was for sale at a local LFS. I'm not an expert on LEDs, but am meticulous in researching different products. There is little information on the SunBrite Slimline LED now, so hopefully this will jump start discussions of the current and pending models. Note: This is not intended to be a comparison between LED fixtures; rather, a simple discussion for the SunBrite Slimline LED as its fair to say a $250 fixture is not going to have the all the bells and whistles as a $400+ fixture.

Information I'm providing is based on 'hands on' experience, other web sources [Aquarium Specialty and others which I would disclose, but RC blocks the names] and a couple emails via Sunbrite LED website. If anyone has varying information, or knows something I've published to be incorrect - please, chime in. The intent is to provide folks interested in this fixture with information to make an informed decision before purchasing.

<b>MODEL FEATURED:</b> SunBrite Slimline LED

<b>INPUT VOLTAGE:</b> AC 110V-220V/50-60HZ

<b>NO. OF LEDs:</b> 12 - 3w Cree XPG

<b>TC:</b> 16000k,12000k,22000k,6500k,Blue,Moonlight


<b>DIMENSIONS:</b> 13.93" L x 7.99" W

<b>LUMINOUS FLUX:</b> 1500 LM

<b>ANGLE:</b> 60 degree

<b>AREA COVERAGE:</b> 20" x 20"

<b>OTHER:</b> Remote allows adjustment between 6 pre-programmed settings and dimming of white or blue LEDs at 10% increments.


<b>PACKAGED</b> well, simple assembly. <b>INSTRUCTIONS</b> are sufficient for assembly and mounting; however, more information for the remote would be helpful. <b>FIT AND FINISH</b> are excellant; very sleek, no blemishes on my unit. For me, its the sexiest fixture on the market right now, looks great over a tank - but that is subjective. There is no heat sink that you see on other fixtures, although the top of the fixture has small ribs which I'm sure helps dispense heat to some degree. There are two <b>MOUNTING BRACKETS</b> to affix the light, but you do not get two mounting brackets. You choose whether you want an 8" wide mounting bracket or a 4" wide (pretty sure thats the width) mounting bracket. The mounting brackets will accomodate tank lips up to 1" (slightly smaller as 1" is the width of the bracket), has 4 screws, rubber ends for the screws and pads to mount inside the bracket to protect the glass. There is only one <b>CORD</b> which plugs into the left side of the fixture (as you are looking at the front of it) and there is a cord fasner to keep it close and tidy next to the fixture.

<b>LIGHT:</b> The light is very direct, which is attributed to the optics. As many are aware, the smaller the optics the tighter the beam. The fixture is <b>PRE-PROGRAMMED AND DIMMABLE</b> allowing for 6 pre-program settings (moon thru all on) and you can dim either the white or blue LEDs at 10% increments. I was able to dial in a color spectrum to my liking in the 20K range and the corals popped. When only the whites were on, the light seemed to be on the yellow side vs. crisp white. The <b>REMOTE</b> must be next to the fixture when making adjustments I had better results holding ti next to the left side of the fixture where the cord plugs in. Adjustments with the remote (which is the only way to adjust the light; other than the on/off switch on the cord) are a little cumbersome. I had better results when pausing between clicks. I have not been able to seemlessly alternate between the 6 pre-programmed settings (Button A) and the 10% dimming increments (Button B) - still trying to figure that out. This is why I mention above more information for the remote would be helpful.

<b>WHAT WOULD I DO DIFFERENT:</b> If the cord could plug into the back of the fixture vs. the side then you would not see a cord at all on this fixture. Without knowing how the internals are laid out, it looks as though this could be done easily and would require a slot on the top of the mounting leg for the cord to go through. As far as functioality - as mentioned before - I'm not an expert so cannot (and won't) try to speak to the science of optics, intensity or color spectrum.

<b>BE AWARE:</b> When at the LFS the sales person noticed one of the 6 pre-programmed settings on the display was not working and after arriving home I noticed some mounting bracket holes were not threaded. The sales person went above and beyond to do a function check of the fixture I purchased before leaving the store; unfortunately, neither of us thought the check to ensure the screw holes were threaded. I mention this <b>ONLY</b> so you can check before purchasing or if you order over the phone you can ask to have it checked. Although unfortunate, it allowed me to witness first-hand the <b>CUSTOMER SERVICE</b> you can expect. The LFS swapped the mounting bracket without question, and the SunBrite representative (which I had been emailing) responded immediately assuring me the issue would be resolved. Tip of the hat to both the LFS and SunBrite.


<b>MY THOUGHTS:</b> In my reading, I saw a lot of folks inquiring if this fixture could be mounted on tanks in the 24 x 24 range. After seeing it on my home tank (which is not the tank I bought it for), I would not recommend it for a 24 x 24 tank. The <b>FOOTPRINT</b> specified for this light is 20 x 20. I will be mounting it on a 15 x 15 tank which currently has another LED light that I cannot dim or dial in my perferred color spectrum. For my application and the price point ($250), I anticipate this will be the perfect light for my set up. I would only recommend this light for <b>SHALLOW</b> tanks - but, par readings are below so you decide.


<b>FUTURE MODEL:</b> In my reading and via email with SunBrite LED rep, there is a new model pending with anticipated 1 May 11 release. The SunBrite Slimline S wich will feature 18 LEDs, can be programmed so the lights can be ramped up and ramped down vs. full on and full off and will cover a 24 x 24 footprint. If you own a tank in this range, I would wait. Sorry, do not know the price.
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All lights on:


All blues on; two whites off:


All whites on, two blues off:


All whites:


All blues:


Moon lights:

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<b>PAR READINGS:</b> At the time these readings were taken, I did not know there was a 10% dimming capability for the LEDS so I did not ask if they were at their highest intensity. This was a shallow tank with 11" water depth.

<b>3-4" UNDER LIGHT:</b>


<b>3-4" UNDER WATER:</b>


<b>8-9" UNDER WATER:</b>

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<b>PICTURES OVER MY HOME TANK (44"L x 22"W x 16"D):</b> As many know, taking pictures of tanks lit by LEDs is tricky; much less with an iPhone. So, I wouldn't focus on color spectrum as much as footprint.


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ooo i thought bout getting those cuz i saw them at exotic... wasnt sure bout it tho.. plz keep us posted!!!


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The updated version will have 2 types of blue led and 80 degree optics and a pre-programmed moon-actinic-day-actinic-moon schedule.


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<b>MOUNTED ON THE TANK (15 x 15 x 15 CUBE):</b> Again, iPhone picture so the color spectrum is not accurate. I have it set to a 18-20K look; perfect application for this size tank. Looks much cleaner than previous light.



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i have also heard they r changin optic degrees on the s series a local guy by me has prototype of s and slimline and there r small changes coming to both


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<b>CHANGES COMING TO THE BASE MODEL</b> Recieved additional information on the new version from SunBrite on the next generation Slimline LED base model.

The LEDs have a new layout on the REGULAR Slim line:

1. 7 x Cree XPG white. 3 x 440nm, 2 x470nm.

2. All LEDs will spread out more even throughout the panel/unit.

3. A standard timer is built in to the remote control unit, once you press it the clock will set at 12.00PM.

4. Sunrise will starts at 6.00am, and will turn on 1 led every 15min starting with 440nm>470nm>white.

5. Sunset starts at 5.00 pm, starting to shut down the white LEDs every 15min. White> 470> 440.

6. When all the LEDs are off, it will jump to the moon light mode automatically. Only the 440 and 470 become active at app 0.1 watt each.

7. Remote control:

Button A: clock setting. Press it once, set the clock at 12.00PM
Button B: demo mode, it runs the sunrise to sunset once.
Button C: dimmer
Button D: brighter

The unit will cover a 20" x 20" area very nicely.

<b>SLIMLINE "S"</b> will function the same way. 18 LEDs, 10 x white, 4 x 440 and 4 x 470.
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I've just seen these units at a recent local frag swap and they are very impressive. Your PAR readings are consistent with the tests the local guy ran. He had a prototype of the Sunbrite S on display and it was very nice -- about the same PAR, just over a larger area.

I liked how you could use the remote from across the room to change from moonlights to actinics to a full light mode -- either 6k, 12k, 16k, or 22k. Very cool!


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I wish I could get a good shot of my work tank and its actaual color spectrum. The color is perfect. Everything (corals) are happy right now - anxious to see how they fare with time.


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Thanks for the review. I currently have a rapidled par38 on my 7.5 cube. my biggest complaints are that I don't have enough spread, low amount of light, dimming/ timing abilities, and color spectrum. This light seems to satisfy two of the four problems, and the newer version would satisfy the color as well. The one thing I don't see them fixing in such a slim fixture is the fact that the leds are being run at 2 watts rather than at a full 3. I hope they keep the same price on the newer version.