sunset and Superman frags


In Memoriam
Ok no one answered my question about how much they were, I'm from utica and really want these 2 frags so if anybody has them and is willing to ship them, cause it would cost me almost 80 bucks in gas and tolls just to get there let me know sorry that whole fight was about me asking about sps frags lol it was kinda entertaining tho haha
hahah benzc01, are u going to be at nates frag swap if so i could see how much g wants for them and pick them up for ya
I don't know who Nate is lol I doubt ill come but thanks, you guys wanna talk about crap stores come to utica and look at the one yellow tang and one brown mushroom I have to choose from down here hahahahahahahahahaha, I hate it, but thanks again for the offer
jeremym420 likely has them. I also believe he has many corals in an account tank in Rome, NY. Now that should be right near you. PM him. His stuff is crazy. I just picked up ponape birdsnest from him and a sunset monti. I think he has sunset, undata, superman, rainbow and many many more. Check out some of his threads on URS. He'll hook you up!
Is there a thread about this swap? And thanks for all the info guys ill try to get ahold of jeremy