Super Low PH part 2


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Hello Randy

I have been reading the Super Low PH post and read and all the articles, but I am at a lost.

In the mornings my PH is around 7.71.

Everyday in the morning I add B-ionic I have been doing this for a year now but over the last couple of month it has started to drop lower and lower. My alk and calc are always fine. I have gone as far as increasing the dose but this put my alk and calc to high.

This weekend I tried B-ionic in the morning and limewater to replace evaporated water threw the day.

I used two little fishes Kalk powder, two teaspoon in one gallon RO/DI water. I added two cups every two hours and and the last two cups late at night. Total 1gallon. I did the same thing for two days and still this morning my PH monitor read 7.72.

My PH monitor is calibrated and reading the solution 7 and 10 on the dot. The only thing I have left to try is run a long air tube outside and connect it to the protein skimmer all night and see if it will raise my PH.

My Alk is at 9+
And Calc is around 430+

ps i cant open windows i live in Miami,Fl and its hot.

Please help

Thank you
Ok i will do the test tonight, and post the results.

I just bought AC with Lab-grade PH probe
I also had a Pinpoint PH montor that i just sold that was reading the same.

I more thing, i dont have a calc reactor and i have a fuge running lights at night.
I will run the lights 24/7.

What brand calibration fluids?
I use Hanna Instruments
HI 7007
HI 70010
From Foster&Smith
So here is the test 1 hour - 1cup tank water - aerated outside with airstone.

Starting PH - 7.95
PH after one hour - 8.01

i thought it will go more up.
Some temperature effects may alter it as well, but it is moving the right direction, but I agree that it was a small rise. Often that indicates the pH pH is really higher than you think. Aeration can also be slow.

Try it inside and see what happens. :)
ok i will post tonight

I am also going to call my friend to bring his pinpoint ph monitor i will get the readings then calibrate with Hanna and see if the solution is the problem.
Hello Randy

I was real busy. Here is the Test

1 hour - 1cup tank water - aerated inside with airstone.

Starting PH - 8.03
PH after one hour - 7.93

Also I put my ph probe inside the limewater it was reading 12.34

So my probe i guess is reading correct. Also my friend brought he pinpoint it was only off my .04
I ran a airline to my refugium with outside air. I hooked to a powerhead and ran it for a couple of days. PH rose .15 It worked for me really well.
I guess i am going to find a way to run a airline to the ouside.
becouse limewater and fuge 24/7 are not cutting it.
Randy I am back.

My PH is getting out of hand. I am running out of ideas.
Today my PH went down to 7.47 in the morning.
I am manualy dosing limewater and baked baking soda.
Alk staying around 8 using salifert test kit.(I would think it would be higher) . I ran a long tube ouside for the skimmer, put a airpump outside and airstone in the sump and my PH is still dropping.

Next step is to drip at night.

I dont think is the probe either. My limewater reads 12ph

Anything else i can try. Or bettter yet how much of a ph swing can i put in a day i read only .20

How about Adding one level or 1/4 teaspoon of solid lime slurried in a cup of water ?
pH 7.47 really sounds like a measurement error to me. I'd double check the calibration again, maybe with new fluids.

If the pH is really that low, you can add all the lime that you need as a slurry to boost the pH back to at least 8.0
i am thinking the same thing. Everything looks real good corals and fishes. I am going to order some news ones. Anything at home I can use to messure?

I will keep you posted of my findings.
I also am trying to raise my PH without raising Alk. My Alk is right about 300 using a Jungle test strip. (I have the Salifert Tester on the way) My PH is running about 7.8 during the day. Cal is 350. I have some Kent Marine Pro Buffer, but am afraid to use it as I don't want the Alk. to go up also. I have had the door open all day so don't thing it is a CO2 problem. I would like to get the PH up to 8.2. I have not been adding anything.

It hit me, i should measure a fresh batch of salt mix. (Reef Crystal)
My ph now in the morning is 7.35 lol. So guess what my fresh batch of salt mix is..... Yup (7.32) so my solution must be real bad or my new prob is messed up.

But here is the best one of them all. I have a salifer Ph test kit. I thought i ran out but there is was a along. (dam i feel stupid) It read this morning light green = to 8.0

I am so happy now. I am leaving today on a 7 day cruise. I have a tank babysiter (wife borther also a reefer). Now i can injoy my trip. I just order new solutions too.

I hope i didnt cause any ill efect pushing my ph.

Thanks for all the help. I will post one last time and let you know if it was the probe or the solution.