Supplements and Testing

Shane Hoffman

New member
Anyone ever had any issues with adding supplements and those causing false readings on PH tests. I dosed some coral accel then 20 minutes later dosed calcium. Also an hour before those 2 I dosed phyto. I normally always do my testing 10 to 12 hours after dosing anything....(this is because I dose in AM before work and when I test do it later that evening. Last night when I tested my ph it was yellower than the lowest yellow on my API chemical test kits. The lowest yellow is 7.2 i believe. I freaked and immediatly started mixing some buffer. Then I calmed down and realized my fish were acting way to normal for the PH to be that low.... I tested with another bottle of API high range PH(about 20 min later)...and it was 8.5... I then tested with the bottle that read 7.2 earlier and it now read 8.4

Any ideas what caused this????


Mangroves are kool.
I think your kit is just bad or expired. Get a new one before assuming the supplements caused this. Hope that helps, Wiz ;)