Suugested lighting on a 5.5 nano


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I have a 5.5 laying around that I am thinking about turning into a reef.. I have little experience with corals but have kept seahorses for 4-5 years.. What type of lighting do you guys reccomend.. I want the lighting to be powerful enough to maybe house clams (which I know from being on RC they require quite powerful lighting)..

If anyone has any firect links to a particular product, that would help too..

Thanks John


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NO it's not. You can by a clam and I am planning on. By a 70 watt Sunpod MH light. it comes with LED moon and antitic lights. I am also planning a 5.5 gallon nano clam and lps tank with that kind of lighting so if you go with that you shall be fine.

mr. bojangsjang

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Hmmm, thats what I was told on here though. I read that they foul a tank very quickly when you feed them.

Im not reef-smart at all so its probably best to listen to me lol.


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now remember guys, nothing is impossible, well theyre are some things, but i think you might be able to pull it off.

lighting and water quality are the most important things. the lighting, best to be MH, might heat the tank up alot and the water quality will be hard to keep,

but it is do-able.


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I would go with a 70w MH. There are plenty of people on other sites that have successfully kept clams in nanos this small. If you do go MH, you should probably have an open top to reduce heat build-up.