swapping live rock-what would you do??


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my aquascape is set,corals are in place and the fish and i like the set-up but about 20lbs of some new carribean rock i purchased online a couple of weeks ago is just ok-not much life-it just seems low grade-even though its sold as high grade.i do have lots of rock that i purchased when i first started the tank that does have life

i just found live rock n reef online and their primo deco rock looks amazing and was gauranteed its teaming with life-i can buy 25lbs.but i dont know if i want to break down a nice set-up.

should i leave it with whats in there or go for the new rock-what would you do


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Hi, you could purchase a small amount (say 5lbs) of primo deco rock and add this to your tank to give new life to your exsisting rock. It is recommended that you do this anyway every so often to give new life to you tank.