SWC Extreme 160 - Replacement Pump


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Hello All,

I have an old SWC Extreme 160 protein skimmer, which has been fantastic!

Unfortunately after 10 years, the pump has failed. It started making a clicking noise and not pumping water.

So I need to install a new pump. As my luck would have it, Apparently the pump that was used a "Atman PH2500", from what I've read, has also been discontinued..

I'm hoping someone knows of a pump that would be a directly replacement for this pump? I know I'm not the first person to have to replace this pump.

Thanks in advance!



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I'll assume yours is a cone skimmer because as Vinny said the pump in the original 160 extreme ( cylinder not cone) was a Sicce psk 2500. That pump can be replaced with a Sicce PSK 600 so perhaps that might work in your cone as well.