swiss cheese tank?


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I'm helping a friend plan a 300 gallon tank, 72x30x36. Last night we were talking about the holes to be drilled in the back. After the overflows and 2 closed loops, each with an ocean motions 4 way, we have 10 holes in the back. Is this going to ruin the integrity of the panel of glass?


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cap them off, fill it up and see? how thick is the glass? how spaced out are the holes?


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A local guy here has a tank similar to that- its 240g and has More holes in it than youre talking about. The big problem he ran into was that there were so many holes, even his Hammerhead closed loop wasnt able to run enough water through all of them to make it efficient. I believe he is getting a larger pool pump to replace the Hammerhead with in order to get the kind of flow he was wanting. As far as structural integrity, so far so good with his. Try PMing CaveManNOhio- he knows the details about it better than I do (its his tank afterall.. lol)