switch turns on/off to water level


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I used to have my sump pump and my skimmer pump on same circuit so was less worried about the sump pump failing leaving the skimmer to overflow when the water level raised. Now they are on seperate circuits so there are multiple ways one but not the other would go out. Is there a switch available that will allow me to switch off the skimmer should the sump pump fail? Either by water level or some other method.
Sounds like you need a float switch. But be careful most of them are for low current operations. Just make sure you get one that will handle your skimmer pump.
yea you could get a float switch or......

what I would do is get a naturaly open (off) relay and when it gets power (ie your sump is running) it closes (on). Run your skimmer on that. It would require some wiring, but nothing too hard.
can you give more details jent? I have done some electronics projects and know how to do basic things. So don't have to get too basic. Just wondering what your refering to. Is there a device I can buy then change it up? Also my sump pump is on the other side of the wall from the sump. I can run a wire through the wall if necessary but would prefer not.

well this would have to have a wire that at least goes to the power supply the sump is on (you need a way to tell if the power is on or not). You will also need a wire that goes to the circuit the skimmer is on. And a couple wires to go to the skimmer. Assuming your skimmer runs less than 10amps I think this relay will work for ya:

It does not say if that relay is naturaly open or closed. So my guess is one set of pins is open and another is closed. If you need help with relays there is lots of info online. Basicly it is a switch that is turned on or off based on if electricity is running through the circuit. All you would need is something like that, some solder, some wire, and maybe a box to put it all in so the pins and electronics are not exposed. Hope that helps
hmm..i see now what your saying. I guess i am too lazy but that seems like a lot of work the way my house is set up. Crawling around in crawl spaces isn't fun.

I do see an issue on that in that if the pump just dies, rather than a circuit trip I am still in the same boat. If i had something that shut off my skimmer pump due to water level rizing it wouldn't matter the cause. Sounds like float switches may be the way to go for me. Will look at some.