switching reef salt



i am at point where i can continue to use kent sea salt for my reef tank, or I can switch to a new brand. First, will switching brands affect my tank, and second if I can/should switch, which brand is okay to go with? I would think its okay to still go with kent.

thanks for your thoughts in advance!!!
I use a 50/50 mix of instant ocean and kent and the peramaters come out perfect (alk, cal, mag)
If your tank is doing well, and all of you parameters are in check why worry.

I use 50/50 Tropic Marin/Reef Crystals, on occasion I have trouble getting TM and use all RC. I don't notice much of a difference, maybe one less squirt of Alk supp.
Garret you can slowly start adding small amounts of the new salt with the old... then gradually add more and more of the new and less of the old till you no longer use the old...