t-5 ho lighting


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i have 2 36" dual bulb t-5 ho. now i have a 220gal display tank thats 72"x24"x30" high. would a anemone survive at the top of the lr about 6"from the top? iwould get halides and full reef but i dont want the outrageous power bill. i only want the anemone for my two clowns.


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I wouldn't count on it. That's very dim lighting for that size tank. The clowns will be fine without an anemone.


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I think that a few things that a reefer or potential reefer should consider is that they have a budget and that they should be within their budget to buy the best lighting that they can for their tank. Metal halides wont give you an outrageous power bill but your bill will increase a bit but after you experience your reef grow a bit and color up I am sure that you will find it worth while. You could easily have a mixed reef with a 3x250 watt system. Just pick the bulb that you like and cut out the actinics if you are trying to save money on the bill. I think that at this size tank T5s would probably cost a lot and that the MH would be more manageable for this size of a tank. Just my opinion and I hope it helps.