T5 + AI Hydra 26 combo profile


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For the last 18 months I've run 3x Hydra 26 and 4x 60" T5 ATI Blues over my 6', 150 gal. I run the T5s from 4:00-8:00pm and tried to profile the AB+ I found as close as possible on the LEDs.
118% UV
116% Violet
79% Royal Blue
80% Blue
4% Green
4% Deep Red
19% Cool White
I have them ramping from near zero to full from 11:00am-12:00pm. I do a slower ramp down from 9:00pm-12:00am.
I just ordered new T5 bulbs and will use a PAR meter to see just how much difference between 18-month old and new. I will then only change 1 bulb each week. I am also planning on replacing 1 of the Blue Plus with a Coral Plus, since I felt it was TOO blue.
The lights are 5" from the surface. And I have had healthy corals over the last few years with both growth and color.

My question: I would like to change my profile so that, at 8:00pm, when the T5s turn off, my LED spectrum changes to a more evening blue, until about 10:00pm, then down to moonlights at 11:00pm. Messing with sliders is a bad idea, generally. So can I get a recommendation for a profile for the evening spectrum for the LEDs? I'm thinking of a less white, lower intensity, without compromising growth. Maybe I need to then add an hour at the front end and be full at 11:00am?