T5 Hybrid or ATI T5 unit?


Going to be setting up my 60 gallon cube with plans of keeping a clam and SPS corals. I have a Radion XR30 Gen 4. Was trying to decide between an Aquatic Life T5 hybrid or an ATI T5 unit. Any experiences to help decide? The cube is 24x24x24, so I would prefer to go with the 6 bulb T5, if I go that route. BRS recommends the 8 bulb unit for SPS, but I don't want to hand the unit like 9 or 10 inches above the tank like they recommend. What bulb combo would you recommend with the T5 hybrid with the Radion? Radion settings?
The xr30 could do it on it's own but if you are determined to have t5, I would get the hybrid to have the best of both worlds. I would probably just put blue+ bulbs in the t5 part since they have the perfect growth spectrum and the Radion can do dusk/dawn and be adjusted for the look you want.