T5/Kessil a360x over 75g recommendations


Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've posted on here. I have a standard 4' long center braced 75 gallon tank that's 21" tall. Mostly softies and LPS at the moment. Mostly all the corals around the halfway mark or towards the bottom or on the sandbed.

I just bought 2 kessil a360x's with the wifi dongle and am curious as to what settings you guys have found you like best and what height off the top of the tank have you guys mounted yours at? I'm pairing mine with the aquatic life t5 hybrid 4-lamp fixture. I bought 3 ati blue plus, 2 coral plus, and one aqua blue special to play around with different looks given from the T5's.

I tend to prefer a more natural look with a little bit more white as opposed to the really strong deep blue look some people like. But still at a point where I want my corals to grow and be happy. What do you guys run and/or recommend? Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!