t5 photoperiod


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just wondering what everyone has there at....right now there running 13 hours...8 am - 9am is actinics ..then 9am to 8pm full.....8pm -9pm actinics....total 13 hours......


Yowsa! That's a lot more than what I run. Fixture is in my sig. But here is my schedule, seems to be just right for my corals and algae control.

Actinics: 0900-1730
10,000K: 1100-1700
Night LED: 1730-2230


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I'm running a 6x54 aquatic life fixture for 10 total hours over my 120. 10am- 11am actinics, 11am-7pm full lights, then 7pm- 8pm actinics again. Seems to do the job for anything from palys to birds nests.

I just wanted to add, I used to run a 12 hour photo period and haven't noticed a difference.


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my mistake..im running 12 hours actinics and 10 hours full.......im thinking of going to 12 hours actinics and 8 hours full......shouldn't make a make a diff...mostly softies and some lsp...