T5 Suggestions.


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Grimm and others,
Thank you for taking the time to help... Like a couple threads above, I have set up a 48X24X24, however this tank is SPS dominated. I am looking for good growth.
I currently have a Coralife Aqualight pro fixture w/2 250W DE Mh. I trying to cool things down and not run the chiller.
I was looking at the ATI Powermodule 8x54W fixture. The 10x54W could fit.
I would like to keep my SPS in all areas of the tank, except the sand. Thoughts? Suggestons?


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ATI powermodule will handle your needs :) 8 or 10

the ATI sunpower also comes out soon but I'm not sure on number of bulbs


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I think the Sunpower maxes at 6 bulbs. I have the 8 bulb ATI on my 120 and love- very bright fixture. I went 8 over 10 because I have about a 3' overflow- so the 8 bulb gives me nearly full coverage.